Friday, September 13, 2013

Eddie Johnson is USMNT No. 2 striker whether you like it or not...

Eddie Johnson is having a great year for the United States National Team. His form for Seattle Sounders is improving too. A large portion of the US fan-base does not care. Eddie Johnson could score 15 more goals through the end of the MLS playoffs and people would not care. The US has Aron Johansson and in the minds of many fans, he is the No.2 striker, absolutely. Many would even like to see Johansson in place of Dempsey or Altidore. Johansson has played a total of about 20 minutes for the United States. That 20 minutes was enough to convince a large portion of the US fan base that he is the guy for the future. He dribbled around a couple defenders and he took a shot on goal. He made a smart play to pull the ball back and conserve a 1 goal lead instead of forcing a cross from a deep position. This means he is the best fit to play forward for the USA, undoubtedly. Altidore is going to fail at Sunderland. Dempsey is past it, hasn't been good since Fulham. Eddie Johnson has always been terrible and he has a personality, so he sucks. All of this means the US needs Johansson on the field and they need it now! EXCEPT IT DOESN'T...

This young Icelander has the US fan base more stoked than Freddy Adu in 2004
Watch the first two minutes of Tuesday night's USA vs Mexico game, you will see exactly what Eddie Johnson brought to that game. Within the first 20 seconds, Demarcus Beasley receives the ball under pressure and proceeds to loft a pass forward with no apparent target. Johnson reads the pass, uses his athleticism to get under the chipped ball, and retains possession for the US. A minute later Eddie uses his speed and physical presence to force a clearance out of bounds and win the ball for his team. Johnson set the tone early and El Tri's backline was tentative around him all night. The American national team needs a good target up top to help them alleviate pressure in the midfield. The American's first choice striker, Jozy Altidore, fills this need excellently. Their number two striker should be someone who can step in and do the similar things as Jozy. Eddie Johnson can do just that and he does it well.

Lighting-rod Eddie Johnson

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